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Increased Takings and No Cover Commission – How can a reservations software work for your business

From the battle of reducing no-shows, driving business at typically quieter times, to making an online booking, using reservation technology will ultimately give you the upper hand in an ever-increasing competitive sector.

With the majority of consumers doing everything online, it’s no surprise that 60% of consumers book restaurant reservations online. Armed with smartphones and multiple booking apps, it’s never been as easy for a consumer to find a restaurant and make a booking all whilst being on the move.

Are You Using Pen and Paper?

Driving the online reservation revolution is the never-ending consumer hunger for speed. With a staggering 60% of consumers booking a table reservation online, restaurant operators need to evolve in to the world of technology by embracing online reservation solutions. Using web-based software means operators can access bookings on any PC, tablet or mobile.

No More No Shows

It could be argued that the ease of making a table reservation online, without having to call or make a face-to-face commitment, can be the reason behind consumers not turning up for their reservation. However, online reservation booking software does have a plan to tackle no-shows; such as SMS reminders, email confirmation, and ‘frequent no show’ alerts.

Technology at The Table Feeds Profits Increase Your Takings By 135%

“I can’t speak highly enough of QReservations, Dec 2017 takings vs Dec 2018 were up 135% and I solely put this down to QReservations”. Restaurant Owner, West Midlands

QReservations has been proven to significantly increase your business takings year-on-year, while saving on monthly cover commission costs. The software has also been optimised to link seamlessly with Cunninghams EPOS Group’s Quantum solution.

"QReservations is very straightforward and requires minimal training. We have about 20 staff and they all found it easy to use. I would rate the product 5 out of 5 it is invaluable for managing our bookings diary".

Caterings Manager, Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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