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Cunninghams Unveils Quantum Go: A Groundbreaking Mobile Epos & Payment Solution

Cunninghams EPOS Group are proud to introduce Quantum Go, a revolutionary mobile EPOS device set to transform how businesses manage transactions on the move.

mobile epos

Quantum Go offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies transaction processing, table management, product listing review, refund processing, and bill printing - all packed into a single, portable device.

Ideal for a diverse range of businesses, from pub gardens to bustling market stalls, food trucks, and pop-up events, Quantum Go provides a multitude of benefits to its users:

  1. Increased Sales: With Quantum Go, businesses can streamline their operations by consolidating order-taking and transaction processing into one device. This efficiency translates to shorter queues and increased customer reach, ultimately driving sales.

  2. Quick, Secure Payments: Quantum Go facilitates swift and secure card payments from any location, minimising human errors and ensuring a seamless payment process that enhances customer satisfaction.

  3. Streamlined Operations: The fast transaction capabilities of Quantum Go enable businesses to deliver seamless service, even during peak trading hours, thus improving the overall customer experience.


Pete Rhodes, Managing Director of Cunninghams EPOS Group, expressed his excitement about Quantum Go, stating, "Quantum Go represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to helping our clients thrive. We're excited to introduce this game-changing product, confident it will revolutionise  clients operations and drive success."

To explore more about Quantum Go and its groundbreaking features, click here.


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