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Manage the Summer Rush Successfully With Quantum Go

Quantum Go is the all-in-one mobile EPOS and payment solution by Cunninghams EPOS Group. It’s ideal for managing the busy pub gardens, pop-up events, festivals and so much more.

Let’s explore why more and more businesses are choosing to use Quantum Go this summer:


Benefits of Quantum Go 


Easy to use


Quantum Go makes it easy to handle transactions, manage tables, browse product listings, handle refunds, and print bills - all from one mobile device while on the go. Making the busy summer rush easy to handle and stress-free.


Faster service


With Quantum Go serving your customers has never been easier. Our groundbreaking solution gives you full functionality, wherever you are.


There’s no need to run back to the kitchen, or to a stationary device, everything you need is at your fingertips. This means faster turnaround on tables, reduced waiting times and a better customer experience overall.


Boosts sales


Using one device to take orders and process transactions not only helps to minimise queues and provide a better customer experience, but also helps to increase your sales.


All-in-one payment processing


Quantum Go eliminates the need for separate card terminals and printers. It offers a fully integrated payment solution, accepting chip & PIN cards and contactless payments (NFC) directly within the mobile app. This streamlines transactions, enhances security, and ensures a frictionless payment experience for your customers.


Scales with your ambitions


Quantum Go's cloud-based design and 4G connectivity lets you expand beyond fixed locations. Take your business to pop-up events, food festivals, or anywhere opportunity arises, without the confines of traditional EPOS systems.


Reduces costs


Faster transactions and turnaround on tables mean fewer staff are required during peak trading hours, helping to reduce labour costs or manage staff shortages over the holidays.


Feature-rich and convenient


Quantum Go has an inbuilt camera for QR code and barcode scanning to improve efficiency, especially during busy periods.


It also offers product and allergen information, essential for compliance with food regulations and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and safety. This feature makes it easy for customers with allergies or specific dietary requirements to make informed choices, leading to a positive experience.


To arrange a demo of our cutting-edge Quantum Go solution before the summer rush, call our team on 0330 024 5014 or email


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