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Cunninghams proudly presents Farmer Copleys with the FRA Large Farm Shop of the Year Award

Cunninghams EPOS Groups is thrilled to have sponsored and presented the esteemed Large Farm Shop of the Year Award at the recent Farm Retail Association Awards, with Farmer Copleys clinching the award during the event!

Cunninghams EPOS Groups sponsor and presented the esteemed Large Farm Shop of the Year Award

The Farm Retail Association Awards highlight excellence and innovation in the industry, and being part of such an event is always a highlight for us.

Farmer Copleys commitment to quality, customer service, and the farm retail experience is truly inspiring. We're confident they'll continue to excel!

We also want to give a big shout out to all the other finalists who showcased outstanding efforts and contributions to the farm retail sector – Forage Farm Shop & Kitchen and Millets Farm Centre.

Commenting on the awards, Cunninghams EPOS Group’s Managing Director, Pete Rhodes, said; “For Cunninghams, sponsoring the Large Farm Shop of the Year Award for the third consecutive year is an honour and emphasises our dedication to supporting the farm retail community. As the farm retail industry evolves and expands, we look forward to continuing our support for the many remarkable businesses that drive its success.”

To find out more about how Cunninghams supports the farm retail industry, please click here or call us on 0330 024 5014.



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