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How should I clean my POS?

POS systems are the centrepiece of most businesses. Used daily, and by a variety of people, these systems collect a variety of germs, harbour viruses and should be well cleaned to protect customers, staff and increase the lifespan of the POS system.

In the current climate, experts have warned that COVID-19, the respiratory disease sweeping the globe can survive on surfaces for 3 days and longer, this includes on touchscreens.

Using the correct method when washing your hands can protect you from contracting and passing on the virus, however, it is good practice to regularly clean POS till systems to retain good hygiene levels.

Although POS systems and their counterparts are robust in nature, cleaning them with the wrong products can cause damage and limit their functionality.

We recommend you wipe down all components of your POS terminal with a good glass cleaner which contains isopropanol (a form of alcohol) & viscose rayon wipes.

These products are suitable for all surfaces of the POS terminal including the touch screen, PED, keyboard, mouse and cashdrawer.

We advise you do not use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to clean your POS terminal as this is a very harsh cleaner when undiluted and can cause damage to touchscreens.

A clean towel, or a soft lint-free cloth should be used to wipe down your terminal as opposed to a paper towel, as these can also be harsh on touchscreens.

Cleaning your POS system is not the most glamourous job, but it is an essential task which should not be disregarded. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, businesses have more reason than ever to keep their systems clean.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning your machine, please contact our support teams below:

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