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Expanding Your Farm Shop: 5 Ways Farm Shop EPOS Systems Can Make a Difference

As farm shops become an increasingly popular destination, some businesses may find scaling up to meet demand difficult. Believe it or not, the right farm shop EPOS system can help.

farm shop epos system

Read on to find out the 5 ways our farm shop EPOS system has helped businesses across the UK expand:

1. Streamline operations

Having an efficient EPOS system and checkout process is a fantastic way to increase sales and improve your customers’ experience, However, for farm shops juggling multiple departments, this can sometimes be challenging.

At Cunninghams, we offer one centralised farm shop EPOS system, designed to streamline operations and help your business grow. Retail, hospitality, deli, butcher and bakery counters can all be run off one system.

Scales can even be integrated too, for full compliance with regulations. This generates up-to-date ingredients, nutritional and best before information labelling, plus eliminates waste and enhances the customer experience.

2. Scalable

Whether you’d like to add new products or expand by opening new branches, a reliable EPOS system can adapt to the growing needs of your business.

As your farm shop expands, an EPOS system is able to grow with you and make scaling up easy.

3. Increase customer loyalty

The right farm shop EPOS systems allow businesses to gather data about their customers, offer loyalty programs and provide personalised offers – all of which can boost customer retention!

4. Stock management

EPOS systems are particularly useful for monitoring stock in real-time. By having an instant overview of stock levels, farm shops can manage supply and demand efficiently, to prevent overstocking and reduce waste.

Correct stock management will improve cash flow, which can be used to invest wisely when not tied up in excess stock.

5. Insightful reporting

EPOS systems give access to powerful reporting tools, so you can use the sales data to make informed business decisions.

Cunninghams help farm shops expand

Cunninghams’ farm shop EPOS system supports growth and expansion in a competitive market place. Helping clients with retail and hospitality, stock management, customer discounts and loyalty, plus much more.

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To benefit from Cunninghams’ farm shop EPOS system, call our team on 0330 024 5014 or email


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