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4 Essential POS System Features for Bakeries

If you are looking for a new bakery POS system, make sure you have all the key ingredients for success, by checking your system is equipped with the following features:

1. Integration with Cybake

Cybake is the leading bakery production software. When seamlessly integrated with your POS system, Cybake gives bakeries like yourselves vital functionality to grow your business.

Cybake is essential for making the most out of your POS sales data, by forecasting demand and automating stock reconciliation, helping you control costs and waste, whilst increasing sales and repeat business.

Quantum, Cunninghams’ POS system, offers a valuable feature for bakers by allowing the import of allergens, ingredients, and nutritional information from Cybake software. This enables you to create accurate produce labels straight from your till. Given the introduction of Natasha’s Law, the ability to print labels with correct product and allergen information has never been more crucial.

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2. Online ordering

Online ordering is convenient for customers and it opens up new revenue opportunities for bakeries, expanding a bakery’s reach beyond its physical location. Bakeries can easily manage orders, reduce errors and streamline operations, ensuring efficient order processing and customer satisfaction. In addition, it provides valuable data insights into customer preferences and order trends, enabling bakeries to tailor their offerings and marketing strategies.

At Cunninghams, our integration to Preoday means online ordering is easy to manage. Preoday supports home delivery, table ordering via QR code and click & collect, with an online payment option, or cash on collection or delivery. For the ultimate convenience for your customers and your business.

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3. Insightful sales reports

Having easy-to-use reporting features will give you a detailed understanding of your bakery and customers.

Our Quantum bakery POS system will help you make informed decisions about staff, stock, promotions and wastage. Allowing bakeries to adapt to ever-changing market demands and thrive. Speak to a member of our expert team to find out more.

4. Mobile POS

Reducing queue times, by running a fast reliable POS system, is key to keeping your customers happy. By providing a seamless and swift experience, you will not only enhance customer convenience, but also boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

The best way to achieve this is by having a mobile POS system which integrates with your main POS solution. This means you can take orders on your tablet, without having to return to the till to process the order. This is especially invaluable during busy peak trading times.

By being out on the shop floor, it also makes it easier to interact with your customers, recommend new products and upsell. With a mobile POS system, your sales will not only become quicker, but also more profitable.

Cunninghams recently helped Warrens Bakery save time and money by installing mobile POS systems across their branches. By introducing a mobile POS, staff could use our Quantum stock module on Windows tablets, instead of using the busy tills. Staff could easily monitor stock and deliveries, whilst reducing waste and expenditure across their 42 sites.

You can read more about how our Quantum mobile POS system helped Warrens Bakery become more efficient here.

To find out more about Cunninghams’ bakery POS system and to book a demo, call our expert team on 0330 024 5014 or email


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