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Warrens Bakery

Warrens Bakery has 44 stores across the South West, using a total of 60 EPOS terminals with Cunninghams’ Quantum software. 

Warrens Bakery EPOS Solution

The team at Cunninghams set up the stock module within Quantum to manage all of the bakery’s stock, wastage and deliveries across 42 sites, from one centralised solution.

Cunninghams also helped Warrens Bakery put in place Window tablets at all sites, so that staff within the bakeries could order produce to the store from the tablet, which would free up space on the EPOS terminals.


The stock module within Quantum has made running Warrens Bakery more efficient. Staff are easily able to monitor stock, wastage and deliveries across all 42 sites, from just one solution, rather than using multiple systems.


The Quantum stock module means that stores can order stock for the following day, accept deliveries of stock, as well as add and manage waste in the system. This, although done on Windows tablets, is completed within the Quantum POS software and sent back to the head office.


The business can now easily manage stock items that are not sold, including blue roll and cleaning products. This reduces expenditure and improves cash flow as money is not tied up holding excess stock. Saving the business both time and money.


Quantum also includes a useful feature to help Warrens Bakery account for everything down to paper cups and stirrers, to ensure there are sufficient supplies for operations to run smoothly.

After moving away from their existing bakery production software, Warrens approached Cunninghams for help to enhance their current Quantum system and make full use of its comprehensive stock module, to ensure they could use one centralised system for everything.

We are very pleased to work with Cunninghams EPOS Group – they pull out all the stops for us!


Sam Jones
Warrens Ba

Warrens Bakery Stores

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