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UK Food and Drink Exports on the Rise

Since Brexit, businesses have faced a challenging period overcoming extra red tape and additional costs, but now, British exports are on the rise!

Latest figures from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) shows exports increased in 2022, with Q3 showing strong growth of +23.2% versus the previous year.

Increased Demand for Quality British Products

The soar in demand for British products has been seen across EU and non-EU countries.

In particular, there has been an increased demand for British fine food and drink in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Strong growth outside of the EU is being driven by UAE, Singapore and India with quality products such as gin and cheese, as well as non-alcoholic drinks, plant-based and health foods in high demand.

Nicola Thomas, director at the Food and Drink Exporters Association attributes the growth to businesses finding “new workable trading and logistics solutions” and “EU buyers proactively seeking British brands for the world-leading quality and innovation”.

Kemi Badenoch, MP and the current trade secretary, attributed the increase in demand to “high standards, environmental protection and quality goods”, recognising that “when farmers trade and export, it means more jobs, higher wages and a stronger economy”.

UK exports on the rise

High Value Exports Offsets Rising Costs

The increased value of cheese exports has helped struggling British dairy farmers offset some of the rising costs, seeing cheese exports rise by 40% in value and 20% in volume, compared to 2021.

With the British fine food and drink industry now getting well deserved recognition, the export market is set to go from strength to strength.

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