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Jonas Acquire Cunninghams

Jonas Software has acquired Cunningham Cash Registers, Ltd. (Cunninghams), a leading provider of technology solutions to the primary and secondary education markets, along with Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) to the retail and hospitality sectors within the UK.

Cunninghams is the largest UK distributor of the IMPACT Cashless Catering product developed by CRB Solutions, also owned by Jonas Software. CRB's and Cunninghams' education divisions will combine to form 'CRB Cunninghams Education Solutions'. The retail and hospitality group within the company will be known as 'Cunninghams EPoS Solutions'. The close working relationship between the organisations has existed for more than 20 years, and has been providing robust systems with great value for money, along with excellent sales and training. Client service will continue to be the priority.

CRB Cunninghams Education Solutions now becomes the largest cashless catering provider in the UK. The group will design, build and maintain industry leading, reliable and functional cashless catering and payment systems. A key focus will be on providing full service consultancy, installation, training, exceptional after-sales support and onsite hardware maintenance service. In the UK Education market, the group will be the only provider to deliver all of these products and services under one roof. Cunninghams EPoS Solutions will continue to sell and maintain retail solutions throughout the UK with offices in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"We are extremely excited to be a part of the Jonas Software group of companies. Their expertise in the vertical market software industry, specifically in the education market, is a welcome addition to our business. With the investments they have made in CRB Solution's newest technologies, our clients will continue to see new benefits, and with a tighter operational integration with CRB, we will only get stronger", says Albert Czaja, Co-Managing Director of Cunninghams.

About Cunninghams

Cunninghams has been established for over 35 years and is a leading supplier of cashless systems to the education sector across the UK. The company supplies state of the art solutions to the primary, secondary and further education sectors ranging from single site systems through to fully integrated centrally managed solutions for Local Education Authorities. Cunningham's also offers fully integrated single administration solutions including door access, E-registration, visitor management, 6th form registration, locker management, library system and web payments, all backed up by a complete installation, training and support service.

About Jonas Software

Jonas Software is the leading provider of enterprise management software solutions to 11 different vertical markets throughout the world. With over 50 distinct brands operating within these 11 vertical markets, Jonas Software is the valued technology partner of over 40,000 customers, in over 15 countries. Jonas' vision is to be the branded global leader across the aforementioned 11 vertical markets, and to be recognised as the trusted provider of Software For Life.

If you require any further information, please contact:

Daniel Carter - Marketing Manager, Cunninghams Cash Registers, Ltd.


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