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Introducing the New Preoday (A QikServe company) Features

We can’t wait to tell you about the latest features available with our integration to Preoday (a QikServe company). These free features will enhance your online ordering experience and boost sales.

Order Again

With the new ‘Order again’ feature, it has never been easier for customers to order their favourite food and drinks.

Using the initiative carousel functionality, customers are able to add previous orders to their basket instead of scrolling through the whole menu. If any items are unavailable, they will not be added to the order, improving the customer experience.

‘Order again’ makes it quicker and more convenient for customers to order and transact.

Suggestive Selling

‘Suggestive selling’ will offer customers new or similar items when they are at the checkout, giving you a chance to cross-sell and up-sell.

Configuring and editing the suggestions given is quick and easy via the online dashboard. You have ultimate flexibility over the products you promote and when. Suggestions can be based on the current items in their basket, items over a certain value, or set with specific time restrictions, such as Christmas, or certain times of the day and week.

The new feature has been developed to increase your customers average spend and boost profits.

If you have any questions about your Preoday (a QikServe company) solution or would like to organise a demo of our integration to leading online ordering software, please contact our expert team here.


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