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How the Right EPOS Solution Can Help Farm Shops Grow

In recent years, farm shops have seen a surge in popularity. The pandemic helped bring a shift in consumer buying habits, as consumers sought to shop locally, with farm shops welcoming many new faces through the doors.

As behaviours changed, many farm shops have increased their offering by introducing cafes, restaurants, events spaces, clothing and even the sector’s first drive-thru! Britain’s farm shops now collectively generate £1.4bn in sales a year and this is expected to continue to grow throughout 2022.

To help the sector continue to expand, we take a look at how a powerful EPOS solution can support a growing farm shop.

One centralised solution

Instead of using multiple solutions to manage both the retail and hospitality side of a farm shop, which is often impractical for both the business and the customer, the right EPOS solution can provide an all-in-one centralised system. This allows farm shops to manage processes efficiently across the business.

Monitor sales performance with your EPOS solution

An EPOS solution can provide daily sales broken down by item and transactions, so farm shops can identify the bestsellers and what their slow-moving stock items are. These reports help gather invaluable insights into performance, helping businesses adapt their strategy over time.

Manage stock levels and reduce waste

You can monitor your stock flow in real-time, saving staff time, as no manual stock checks are required. It also reduces the risk of human error.

Having a good oversight of your stock levels will help you reduce waste.

Develop your marketing strategy

A powerful EPOS epos solution will give you a good insight into customer spending behaviour, so you can target your audience with appealing promotions. Promoting slow-selling or surplus stock, will also help you to avoid waste.

Loyalty schemes and gift cards will help to entice customers in. You can offer discount codes or encourage customers to buy more with a percentage off their shop, as well as track how many people have taken up a promotional offer.

Online ordering

To help reduce queues and improve customer experience, farm shops can invest in an ordering platform, which allows customers to order from their table or even order at home for collection onsite.

By scanning a QR code, customers can be taken to an ordering platform, where they can select menu options and pay using their phone.

Our EPOS solution, Quantum, is used by farm shops up and down the country. To find out how it could also help your business, contact our team on

0330 024 5014 or email


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