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Are your chip & PIN terminals reaching their end of life?

Several Verifone chip & PIN terminals (PEDs), including the VX820 and VX680, are now reaching their end of life (EOL).

What does this mean?

Verifone is no longer supplying new VX820 and VX680 PEDS and will only provide a service replacement. You will also now only receive limited updates. After April 2023, updates to the VX820 and VX680 PEDS will stop entirely. This will impact your PCI compliance if you continue using the equipment.

What are my options?

Due to issues regarding your compliance and the minimal support available, we recommend upgrading your existing PEDs as soon as possible to ensure you continue to protect your business and your customers.

Start your upgrade now

If you would like to upgrade your devices, please call 0330 024 5014 or email to discuss the options available.


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