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Rhug Estate Farm Shop

Rhug Estate Farm Shop

Award-winning, North Wales Rhug Estate Organic Farm produces organic beef, lamb & poultry, as well as preserves online & instore

After significantly growing the business from a wholesale butchers to a successful retail and hospitality offering, Rhug Estate Farm Shop were looking to replace their EPOS system with a single solution. Their current system lacked the functionality to manage processes efficiently across the business and support their exciting growth opportunities.  


Due to their rural location, farm shops are often faced with unstable internet which, as you can imagine, plays havoc with day-to-day operations. Issues such as this caused loss of earnings for Rhug Estate Farm Shop as their system often crashed or lost data at busy periods, so finding a robust solution to help overcome this challenge was also crucial.

Rhug Estate

To provide the business with the support they required to continue their expansion, we supplied Rhug Estate Farm Shop with our Quantum solution, which comprised of 5 EPOS Terminals, 3 Windows Scales and 3 Handheld Tablets for tableside ordering.


We were able to demonstrate in the very early stages of the project that our Quantum system would continue to operate if outages should occur. This was one of the key advantages of our system over many others that Rhug had seen.  

Key features included:



  • Integrated scales

  • Use by/sell by dates

  • Cooking instructions and allergen information

  • Centralised loyalty/gift cards

  • Seasonal promotions

  • Trackable deposits

  • Label printing




  • Table tracking

  • Bill splitting

  • Handheld tableside ordering

  • Complex discounts/promotions

  • Order numbering


Rhug Estate Farm Shop had 2000+ loyalty cards in operation, which meant that they needed to transition to the new system seamlessly. Their loyalty cards were also barcoded, so it was important that they matched the new systems’ customer records.




We also introduced a fully integrated Chip & PIN with Pay at Table and Pay at Counter functionality. Introducing this technology reduced many hours labour for both the Operations and Administrative staff.


To help the company get to grips with their stock control on both the hospitality and retail sides of the business, we provided them with our stock module and stock taking guns. We also delivered training sessions to help their team fully utilise this solution.


Rhug Estate retail

The client had a timeline of 6 months to find and deploy a new system as the contract was coming to an end with their previous provider. We delivered the project in full and on budget within 4 months.


In July 2018, we also helped Rhug expand their operations with the first drive-thru for the industry, which has proved particularly useful during the pandemic.

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"I have nothing but good things to say about Cunninghams. The team are always on the end of the phone and deal with any problems we are experiencing quickly. We have found their training sessions particularly useful. We are in the early stages of deploying our stock management solution which has made a massive difference to our operations already.”

Amy Coleman

Depty General Manager
Rhug Estate Farmshop

Rhug Estate Shop
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