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Choosing The Right EPOS System: A Guide For Restaurants

Cunninghams EPOS Group have a single Restaurant EPOS software solution, ideal for all hospitality businesses. Our EPOS software allows visibility and management of all areas of your restaurant business to help improve customer service levels and increase profits... bon apetit!

The Cunninghams Restaurant EPOS system simplifies, streamlines and integrates the daily operational process of a business starting with complete stock control, to kitchen and table management, and the final EPOS stage of customer service. 

Let's do the work for you:

  • QReservations

    QReservations makes it easier to stay on top of your bookings. Using a bookings software is cheaper and easier than you may think, but saves time, effort and reduces no-shows

  • Qreservation

  • Table Management - 

    With a colour codes floor plan, Our EPOS systems give you a simple overview; is your customer enjoying their starter or waiting for their bill. For any restaurant business, good table management is key to an efficient operation. With our EPOS software, you get;
  • A colour-coded floor plan: easy-view and easy-use
  • Customer Status Indicators: which course, awaiting bill, etc.

  • Table side

    Ordering - 

    Reduce customer queuing with this standout function. Your staff can place orders on the move while your guests stay seated!
  • Mobile/tablet ordering
  • Automatically sends orders to kitchen team*

  • Kitchen Management - 

    If too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth, our EPOS Software Solution sophisticates the service! Your restaurant kitchen can have;
  • A monitor with real-time order updates.

  • Flexible Automatic or Manual Service Charge

    No restaurant or hospitality service is set in stone so the pricing system on our EPOS software solution is also flexible;
  • Apply Before/After discounts
  • Optional service charge facility for tipping

  • Automatic or Manual Service Charge

    Before or after discounts

  • Stock Counter on Products - 

    When a restaurant is busy at peak times, it’s difficult to stay on top of item availability. Not with this EPOS solution;
  • Tills configured with accurate countdowns on products
  • Can be configured for changeable Specials* 

All of our EPOS solutions include;

  • Ordering and Delivery functionality

  • Stock Control


  • Security features

Stock Control
Ordering & Delivery
Table Management
Kitchen Management
Quantum Move
Service Charge
Stock Counter
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Key Features;

  • Dashboard Reporting

  • Qube Web Based Reporting

  • Branch League Tables

  • Eat-in or Take-Away Options

  • Enterprise Level Stock Control Module

  • Recipe Costing Module

  • Table Management

  • Customer Loyalty Module

  • Kitchen Video Display

  • Mobile POS Tablet Solution

  • Integrated EPOS Scale

  • Allergen and Nutritional Info by Product

  • Chip & Pin

  • Labour Scheduling Integration

  • Cloud-based Customer Management

  • Optional Hosted Solution

  • Clock-In & Out function for staff

  • Optional POS till display for advertising