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Why UK Bakeries Are on the Rise

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have been required to adapt to changing restrictions in order to survive. We’ve also seen a shift in consumer behaviour over the last couple of years, which has left a lasting effect on customer spending habits.

In this blog, we’ll look at how these changes have benefited independent bakeries across the UK and why the sector is on the rise:

Working Patterns Have Changed

Nationwide lockdowns were the catalyst for many employees beginning to work from home. Even after restrictions have been lifted, many people have chosen to remain working from home or adopted hybrid working. This long-term shift has meant that independent stores have seen an increase in popularity. There has been a bigger shift towards shopping locally for fresh goods. Instead of commuting into larger towns or cities every day, people are spending more time in their local area and are seeking out freshly baked goods from their local bakeries and suppliers.

In many cases, we are seeing a return to pre-supermarket days. Without lengthy commutes or rushing to and from work, it is freeing up people’s time and there is less need to consolidate their shopping at the supermarket. Instead, people are returning to shopping at their local bakers, butchers and greengrocers.

Increase in Staycations

As a result of the pandemic, many people decided on a staycation, instead of travelling abroad. This increased footfall and the trade has benefited many local businesses.

It’s given independent businesses the opportunity to extend their facilities and become more of a destination. In many cases, combining retail and hospitality by opening up additional café facilities.

Independent Stores Quick to Adapt

During the pandemic, smaller, often family-run businesses, were able to adapt quicker than large chains and generate new revenue streams. Many independent bakeries quickly diversified to offering home delivery and became a lifeline for local communities, especially the elderly and clinically vulnerable.

As profits have risen, it’s allowed bakeries to reinvest in their business and improve customer service. Many businesses have taken on additional staff and invested in new systems, which has helped to reduce waiting times and increase customer loyalty.

How Cunninghams EPOS Group Can Help Bakeries

At Cunninghams EPOS Group, our bakery EPOS system – Quantum - can help you maximise revenues and save time, leaving you to run a successful business.

Our EPOS system supports web ordering, table service, discounts and promotions, information labels, including allergens and nutrition product information.

Quantum integrates with bakery production software, Cybake, to help you make the most out of your sales data by forecasting demand and automating shop stock reconciliation in order to control costs/waste and increase sales. Cybake’s link to Quantum can also help forecast in-store production of savories and sandwiches and even adjust production plans from live sales data throughout the day.

To find out how our bakery EPOS system and integration to Cybake bakery software has helped Cavan Bakery, click here.


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