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Warrens Bakery Introduces Digital Rewards App with Quantum's Como Integration

Cunninghams’ Quantum EPOS solution offers a range of integrations to assist clients in managing their operations and expanding their customer base. Among these integrations is Como, a solution dedicated to customer engagement and loyalty. 

Quantum’s integration with Como has recently helped our long-standing client, Warrens Bakery, introduce their first digital rewards app. The goal is to provide loyal customers with potential annual savings of up to £100.

Warrens Bakery rewards app

As part of the sign up process, customers receive a free treat from Warrens. They can choose either a sausage roll, vegan sausage roll, ring doughnut, savoury bomb, or any hot drink. Plus, users gain access to exclusive discounts on bakery items and enticing buy one get one free offers. 

By introducing this innovative app, Warrens Bakery not only expands their loyal customer base but also gains valuable insights into customer preferences. This data will prove instrumental in refining the bakery's marketing strategies and offers in 2024.

Thinking of launching a digital rewards app in 2024? Get in touch with our team to find out how our Quantum EPOS solution can help.


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