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New Quantum features now available

Our team has been busy working on the latest updates to your Quantum solution. Please note that the following updates are only available on Windows 7 and above.

  • Payments by Cunninghams EPOS Group – we’ve launched our own merchant services to help our clients reduce the cost of their processing fees. Benefit from better rates plus the latest Chip & PIN technology! Find out how much you could save by switching here.

  • As part of Payments by Cunninghams EPOS Group, we can offer clients ‘Deposits’ and ‘Card-not-present‘ payments. You can take a deposit over the phone, pay for it on card and assign it to a customer. This can then be redeemed when the client comes in.

  • New Qdashboard with simple web reporting overview interface. This will enable you to view sales data from a central point online, which can show all sites and trading values for Day, Week, Month and YTD.

  • GDPR compliance for customer accounts. Full General Data Protection Regulation compliance when using customer data.

  • Maxim interface. Maxim by ISD is a flexible, cost-effective, and powerful web-based platform for marketing and managing your customer database. You can:

    • Create loyalty programmes with ease

    • Manage your events with style

    • Link Maxim to your EPOS, mobile app, or niche software

  • Ability to backup database to Amazon Web Services. This means you can run an off-site backup of data to give you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

  • Quantum Accounts interface with a connector for Xero accounts package. This will Import your EPOS data into Xero online accounting software that can automate everyday business tasks.

  • Clerks can now be ‘deactivated’ instead of being deleted, allowing their account to remain in the database with all sales data, whilst disabled from use at the till.

  • Send an email receipt to a customer. You can capture an e-mail address and electronically send a receipt to the customer, helping you cut down on the cost of paper rolls and save on wastage.

  • Simple invoice numbering. Customer transactions are now given an invoice number on processing. This can then be used to produce custom reports as required. Using an individual invoice number allows traceable transactions when printing customer statements.

  • New allergen configuration, which gives you the ability to set up a list of defined allergens and select these on relevant products with checkboxes on the Plu editor. These configured allergens then also cascade through stock mixtures. This gives the ability to easily set up allergens for your products, with the addition of a label printer these can be printed at the EPOS terminal.

  • Import/Export module for FDH Saffron. Quantum exports its sales data to Saffron which takes full control of the stock and ingredients of the products. New products added within Saffron can also be uploaded into Quantum to add on to the EPOS terminal for sales.

  • A new, brighter, and more user-friendly update for Quantum Back Office Software.

  • New user-configurable toolbar with different colour themes and user-enabled functions.

  • New Preoday integration enhancements:

    • Support for tips/gratuities

    • Integration with stock allocation/countdown stock

  • Merit Foodlogik interface. This is a feature-rich software suite designed to cover all aspects of organisational and administrative efficiency in a food or food-related business. Its fully functional modules will help to control costs and improve efficiency in your:

    • Office

    • Production

    • Shops

    • Delivery vans

Stay tuned for more features!

To start using our new features, arrange your upgrade by contacting our team on 0330 024 5014.

We’re always looking for customers to trial our latest developments. If you’d like to get involved and become a beta tester, give us a call!

End of Microsoft Support

Windows XP

Support was withdrawn from 8th April 2014

Windows 8, + 8.1

Support was withdrawn from 12th January 2016

Windows 7

Support was withdrawn from 14th January 2020

All terminals operating on the above Microsoft platforms can now be replaced at preferential rates. Contact our sales team on or call 0330 024 5014.


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