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Case Study - Andreas of Chelsea

For the owner of the Andreas grocers in the prestigious area of London- Quality is Key. When choosing an Electronic Point of Sale (ePoS) system to help drive their business, his business ethos of “Only the best” is reflected by his choice of ePoS software.

Based in Chelsea, Andreas is a local, high quality grocer who specialises in fruit and vegetables, delicate charcuterie and delicious cheese. A premium store designed to tickle every food enthusiasts’ taste buds, customers include Nigella Lawson.

Having used the Quantum package for just over 4 years, on the shop floor Andreas has electronic weighing scales which integrate into the Point of sale till, product scanner and back office software. Whilst the front-end software was meeting his needs, Andreas found he needed more from his existing system, especially to carry out complicated back office functions like managing and monitoring customer accounts, customer loyalty schemes and accounting and invoicing functions. When he came to us with his concerns, we were on hand to deliver an updated software solution to make Quantum work harder for his needs.


Quantum’s reporting software continues to be best in class, with the ability to provide SME business owners real insights into the data our ePoS holds. The existing customer statement report was not quite what Andreas needed as his business has flourished and developed, and he was looking for a more tailored, customer facing report. After updating and implementing improvements, Quantum now provides a modified report which presents everything the client and business owner need.

Cloud-based hosting

The existing system was operating on a PC desktop system, as Andreas had not yet migrated to the cloud hosted platform. By implementing this solution, we were able to give Andreas the flexibility and reliability he needed. Now, he could easily access his interface regardless of his location in the store and pull customer statements faster than ever before. The cloud hosting also meant that upgrades and fixes can be deployed automatically, better supporting his philosophy of “Only the best”.

We’re proud to keep supporting SME’s with our ePoS solutions, with over 40 years’ experience, we always aim to not only deliver, but continue maintaining your ePoS to keep you ahead of the competition.

Get in touch today

If you are an SME business owner like Andreas and want to find out how Quantum can help boost your efficiency, get in touch with a representative today on 0330 024 5014 or submit a form to Contact Us.


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