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3 Useful Customer Engagement Tips to Increase Loyalty

In order to maximise both sales and customer loyalty, today’s businesses need to use every available opportunity to engage their customers. That’s why we at Cunninghams EPOS Group are happy to announce that we have partnered with Como, the world’s leader in digital solutions for customer engagement.

Here is how you can you take advantage of our partnership to grow your business:

  1. Use the Como Sense customer engagement toolset to offer your customers a mobile app and loyalty club integrated with your Cunninghams EPOS system.

  2. Use your app and loyalty club to gather valuable insights about your customers’ shopping habits.

  3. Use those insights to personalise the customer experience, keep them coming back, and encourage them to make more purchases.

How important is customer engagement today? Consider that:

  • 52% of shoppers “are likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t make an effort to personalise communications to them.” (Source: Salesforce)

  • “Fully engaged customers” visit casual-dining restaurants 56% more often than “actively disengaged customers”. (Source: Gallup)

  • On average, a retailer brings in between 12% and 18% more revenue from a loyalty club member than from a nonmember. (Source: Accenture)

  • After one year of using Como Sense, the average business sees a 41% increase in monthly spending by members of its loyalty club.

To help your business build profitable customer relationships, Como’s customer engagement experts recommend these three useful tips:

Gather info for personalisation An excellent customer experience is a personalised customer experience. Making that happen in your business starts with gathering information, which your loyalty club can help you do. First, ask each new club member to fill out a registration form with questions designed to get you the details you need. Second, keep track of each club member’s purchase details through your EPOS system. And thirdly, gather more feedback periodically through an in-app survey, while giving members exciting incentives to fill it out. Offer a feature-rich mobile app Today’s customers can use their smartphones to do just about everything, which means your mobile app can shape their experience just as much as your stores do. So make sure it’s rich in useful features, enabling members to (at least) research your products, make purchases, pay, and earn rewards without ever closing your app. Then engage them even more with real-time feedback, such as an automatic push notification to thank them for shopping.

Personalise your checkout With a mobile app and loyalty program integrated with your EPOS solution, you can give employees the details they need to create a more personalised customer experience. The key is training those employees to use this information effectively. Make sure they understand that every available customer detail is another opportunity to enhance their experience - whether by recommending a relevant product, giving them an update on the rewards they’ve earned, or even wishing them a happy birthday. Want to discover how Como Sense can help you engage your customers and increase your sales? Learn More


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