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Orchard View Farm

Set in the Buckinghamshire countryside, Orchard View is an award-winning rare breeds farm with a restaurant, café, farm shop and butchery.  

Instead of using a centralised system across the farm, Orchard View were running their multiple offerings off two independent EPOS systems, which was proving impractical for both the business and the customer.

The butchery and deli counter were using a standalone scale, which meant that a customer would need to pay two bills if they wanted to purchase produce and enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Not only did this cause additional queuing and inconvenience for the customer, but increased workload for the already busy team.

Products for the deli counter also had little labelling information and lacked stock control, causing further problems for the expanding farm.   


  • Networked butchery scale, which very importantly allowed for the transaction to be passed from butchery to restaurant/farm shop, so customers would only need to pay one bill at the end of their visit. A networked butchery scale also allowed for stock control of product sales in this department.

  • Loyalty module for customers to collect points to receive bespoke special offers and also to pre-order and pay deposits for meat orders at Christmas.


Our Project Management team worked closely with Jim Mackellar to coincide the installation with the farm’s closed days, helping minimise the impact on the business.


By introducing Quantum, Orchard View Farm now have a solid foundation to help their business continue to thrive. Not only has it addressed the client’s concerns regarding customer experience, but it has also equipped the team with a system to dramatically improve workload and manage stock more efficiently.


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To improve operations and combine everything into one flexible system, Cunninghams EPOS Group supplied Orchard View Farm with our Quantum solution, which included:


  • Restaurant table tracking, kitchen printing and order processing

  • Scanning of farm shop products, including homemade bar codes for locally produced jams etc.

  • Deli counter scale linked with a label printer. This meant use by date, ingredients, allergens, price and bar codes could be printed for the items. In turn, allowing for stock control on these items too.

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