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Top 6 Hospitality Trends for 2024

The hospitality industry is always evolving to meet the growing demands of the latest trends. This new year is no exception, with big shifts expected to impact the hospitality industry.

hospitality trends


To help your hospitality business stay relevant in an ever-changing industry, here are the key trends that will make their mark in 2024:


1. Sustainability


Sustainability is a hot topic across all industries, with customers increasingly valuing businesses committed to sustainable practices. To continue to appeal to customers in 2024, hospitality businesses will need to react to this growing trend and prioritise eco-friendly initiatives.


It will be vital to source local ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, reduce waste and implement energy-efficient systems.


2. Integration


In 2024, it will become important for hospitality businesses to integrate more advanced technologies to enhance their customer experience.


At Cunninghams, our EPOS systems are designed with the hospitality industry in mind. Making it easy to integrate table ordering, eCommerce functionality, customer loyalty and more, streamlining operations and providing added convenience for your customers.


3. Gastronomy


New gastronomic experiences are becoming a big draw for tourists wanting a unique authentic food experience. To cater to this growing demand, restaurants will need to showcase their local cuisines, using locally sourced ingredients.


Food festivals, culinary tours and cooking classes are also becoming increasingly popular as interest in immersive and diverse gastronomic experiences continues to grow. Actively promoting these events will help to attract new customers.


4. Adaptable spaces


With hybrid and remote working becoming the norm, hospitality businesses will find increased demand for versatile working spaces throughout 2024.


Providing free Wi-Fi is a great way to entice working customers. Offering a dedicated remote working area, along with transforming conventional dining spaces into communal work tables during the day to foster a more social experience, before reverting back to private dining spaces for the evening dinner service, will cater to your customers evolving needs.


5. Wellness


Health and wellbeing is the spotlight in 2024, as customers continue to become increasingly health conscious and seek nutritious meals, plus fitness facilities and spas.


Hospitality businesses that prioritise the health and wellbeing of their customers with these offerings, can expect to be popular in 2024.


6. Personalisation


Personalisation stands out as a key trend for 2024, driven by customers seeking experiences tailored to their individual preferences.


At Cunninghams, we make it easy to offer personalised discounts and loyalty schemes through your EPOS system, to engage with your customers and keep them coming back for more.


For a reliable EPOS system that can meet the demands of 2024 and beyond, call our expert team on 0330 024 5014 or email


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