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Software For Life Paired With High-Quality Hardware

A hungry diner sits down, ready to devour the daily special. What happens when at the very last minute, the prehistoric EPOS system freezes? The result: a kitchen with no incoming orders and disappointed diners. Cunninghams EPOS Group and AURES share reasons why businesses should use quality hardware solutions, to receive maximum software benefits.

Maximising Functionality Many restauranteurs do not consider upgrading their systems until it is too late, even though there may be signs that the EPOS system needs a refresh. Software languages are constantly improving and dated hardware can limit software functionality. Both software and hardware need to be in sync to receive the maximum value for money. According to the AURES EPOS Predictions Report, interaction between software and hardware is the future of EPOS systems, so restaurant and bar owners need to ensure they are preparing for what tomorrow may bring. Time-Wasting Workarounds Contrary to popular belief, there can be monetary gains to be made when upgrading hardware systems. Employees are spending excess time doing manual workarounds for tasks that would already have been addressed by a software upgrade. By calculating the value of the time spent implementing workarounds, there will be an obvious cost saving when considering whether upgrades are worthwhile. Cunninghams only offer the highest quality AURES POS systems, giving customers peace of mind with robust hardware. Cunninghams EPOS Group offer a software for life guarantee, keeping your system up to date and efficient. Together, they focus on providing high quality upgrades and technological improvements keeping customers happy.

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