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Access a wealth of data on the move- QDashboard

We're excited to introduce our latest Quantum offering - a mobile reporting platform called QDashboard. Whether you are a single or multi-site operation, manage your business on the go and gather complex reporting figures. In this digitally connected age, we're making it easier for you to take your reporting with you. View, analyse and check management information, giving you advanced business intelligence. The platform gives you real time reporting and collates sales data from your network of EPOS systems.

On-The-Go Reporting

All the information you need is amalgamated into a single, easy to use interface. What's more, the solution is web based - so all you need is an internet connected device. The connection is fully encrypted and requires users to log-in. QDashboard leaves you in control and keeps your business protected.

You can view performance and stock updates, leveraging your businesses' biggest asset- your data.

Available reports include:

· Sales

· Gross profit

· Daily/Monthly breakdown

· Compare day, week, month with same period last year

· Top selling lines

· Stock enquiry function - search your entire estate of products for stock quantities

Call Us Today

QDashboard is free for up to 5 users, so get in touch to get started. We want all our customers to enjoy instant, handheld reporting. Call 0330 024 5014 to schedule your implementation slot.

Please note - you may need a hardware or software upgrade. We will confirm this during your telephone consultation.


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