EPOS Experience, Expertise and Nationwide Support

EPOS Focused on Nightclubs

Manage everything from your EPOS solution so your staff can efficiently do their job, keeping your business running smoothly and your customers happy.

Let us do the work for you;

  • Price Levels

    Lock tills manually or with a timed scheduler into a VIP Price Level or Happy Hour

  • PLU Information Key

    Displays notes which can be used to remind bar tenders how to make a cocktail and even a picture of what it should look like

  • Move

    Your staff can place orders on the move with the EPOS software on a tablet for the ultimate guest experience

  • Cash Control

    Cash declaration and banking at the back office gives you security over your cash up procedure

  • Automatic or Manual Service Charge

    Before or after discounts

All of our EPOS solutions include;

  • Ordering and Delivery functionality

  • Stock Control

  • Security

Stock Control
Ordering & Delivery
Price Levels
PLU Info
Quantum Move
Cash Control
Service Charge

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