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Tailoring Skoolkit's Requirements


Why our Epos software got full marks from Skoolkit

Creating school uniforms is a complex operation from sourcing to embroidery to distribution. FM Retail software is flexible enough to work with your business however you need it to. See how we helped Skoolkit.

Skoolkit's Challenge

As an all-in-one manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, Skoolkit runs a complex supply chain, even more so since it introduced an ecommerce division in 2006. Co-ordinating and efficiently integrating all the aspects of this business model has been a challenge from day one.

Our Solution

With such an intricate set-up, Skoolkit required a tailor-made software solution as neat as any customised schoolblazer. Our standard FM retail software had a built-in flexibility that could control everything from colour, size and badge variations through to logistic handling and warehouse robotics. But we’ve also developed personalised functions such as an API plug-in, a demand prediction app, and voice picking to meet Skoolkit’s growing needs.

The Result

Since adopting our software in 2002, Skoolkit has found it to be top of the class for the smooth running of their operation. The voice picking function in particular has helped speed up stocktaking while reducing manual error, and that has boosted profitability.

"It is now the voice picking system that is providing further development requirements as we extend it to more and more processes" - Sean Davidson, IT Director of Skoolkit.

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