Our Retail Solutions

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Cunninghams have gained a reputation as the market leader in supplying complete retail management solutions. Our EPoS and multi-platform solutions offer a seamless integration to our back office and business intelligence reporting tools.

Our solutions provide our customers with the tools and management information to help them run a successful business and more importantly, increase margins.

Our software for life promise

Our dedicated in-house development teams are continuously working to add new features and functionality to ensure our solutions remain market leading. Through our “software for life promise”, our loyal customers are guaranteed regular updates to provide them with the latest business tools.

Head Office Software

Allows for businesses to manage multiple store locations collating up-to-date sales, stock and loyalty information. Centralised reporting provides detailed analysis at store, region, or consolidated levels.

Back Office Software

Control and analyse your business through our back office software. Reports, margin control, promotions, stock control and staff management are all easily managed through our back office systems.

Third Party Integrations

Our flexible solutions integrate to a wide range of third-party applications and devices including; mobile top-ups, cigarette vending, loyalty schemes, vouchers, petrol pump monitoring, voice picking systems etc.

Stock Control Options

Stock movement, reducing stock holding and analysing shrinkage is essential. Our systems provide automatic ordering, link directly to suppliers and generate electronic orders based on sales history and stock movement.

Real-Time Reporting

Reporting is the most important tool to monitor your business activity. Real time reporting of margin, stock, security, staff performance and financial analysis is the key to a successful business striving to meet targets and KPI’s.

Customer Loyalty

Retain your existing customers with targeted promotions and monitor the success of each campaign with integrated reporting tools. Update loyal customers with marketing material via automated SMS and email campaigns.


Seamless integration to web stores allows all multi-channel retailing to be controlled from one single solution. We offer integration to existing websites; as well as providing web design and direct links to eBay and Amazon stores.

Operator Security

User profiles define the levels of access for each user to the system. Utilising ID numbers, iButtons, swipe cards and biometrics to log on to the system, providing detailed journals and highlighting potential fraudulent activity.

Staff Management

Organise and monitor staff movements within your business. Our tools enable you to track attendance and time management, as well as reviewing transactions and sales figures for each individual.

Label Printing

Barcode, shelf-edge and delivery labels are all available to be created, queued and printed directly from the system. Customised templates allow for flexible and quick label design for all levels of complexity.

Chip and Pin

Full integration with PCI and PPE compliant chip and pin solutions for efficient, secure credit card and contactless payment processing. Direct currency conversion and tax free functionality is also available.

Product Matrix

Complex product indexing structures are particularly useful in specialist retail environments where variations of items are sold for example, size, colour and style. Our systems offer manageable solutions.